State-of-the-art software and hardware

Over the past decade, the heavy construction industry has seen a major influx of technology innovation and has moved into an electronic era. ESCO has been on the front line by implementing the latest software and hardware both in the office and field. It all begins in our office where our staff transforms the plans and specifications into three-dimensional models. This allows for ESCO to quantify the project in detail, plan the entire operation, and prepare for execution. With our sophisticated software we can enter the site-specific geotechnical data to create individual strata surfaces. This allows us to assess each material type and density to calculate accurate volumes, site specific production values, and analyze risk potential. We can then plan haul routes, create mass haul diagrams, and calculate structural areas such as asphalt, concrete, landscaping, and pipeline materials. During this process, ESCO can identify plan discrepancies, site balancing strategies, and potential needs for shoring without stepping foot on site.

Our field crews are equipped with every piece of information that was strategized and negotiated at bid time, ensuring a smooth build that meets plan requirements.


GPS and machine control systems

From there, we input all of our processed data into our GPS and machine control systems to streamline our performance in the field. Our GPS and machine control gives our operators real time, on-screen information which boosts performance by eliminating grade checkers and re-work. Our systems can be controlled manually to cut rough grade, and then switched to automatic which allows the machine to cut to the exact grade.  In addition, we have a robust survey department that performs our own layout and keeps close topography records for progress billing.

Our onsite foreman use powerful field management software on tablet notebooks or laptop computers to track job production, materials, subcontractors, and payroll with the swipe of their finger. We also keep detailed daily journals and individual task notes along with picture attachments.