Working with rocky terrain

Due to the location and nature of ESCO’s work, rocky conditions often require blasting. ESCO has utilized drilling and blasting for rock removal for over 50 years. Federal and State regulations are constantly evolving, requiring our blasting forces to stay current and closely monitor every shot. ESCO’s ability to blast in-house assists our other forces by limiting the delays that can often be caused by outsourcing.

We utilize state-of-the-art seismic monitoring equipment to monitor ground vibrations at various locations around the blast area. Often times ESCO contracts a third-party monitoring service to provide seismic monitoring and conduct “pre-blast” surveys to existing homes and structures. This process ensures safety and proper records of the surrounding resident’s homes before and after the shot.

We have the ability to remove bulk rock cuts and deep pipeline shots as well as close proximity technical blasting. If a situation results in blasting not being a feasible option, ESCO can mechanically remove rock for either function or aesthetics.