Building America

ESCO performs a variety of earthmoving operations including mass excavations and overlot grading, sub-excavation, structural excavation and backfill for buildings and structures, road grading, and final site grading. Since the beginning, we have been refining our earthmoving operations by utilizing the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment. Our grading efforts start long before a machine hits the ground. For every project, ESCO builds 3D earthwork models that allow us to generate quantities, create detailed work plans, and proactively identify construction issues. Having the capability to analyze projects in granular detail also allows us to provide Value Engineering (VE) alternatives that can lower costs and accelerate project schedules.

We have equipment that incorporates GPS and machine control technology that allows us to perform precise grading faster, utilizing less manpower – resulting in reduced costs to the ownership group. Our fleet of over 70 pieces of equipment consists of dozers, loaders, excavators, scrapers, motor graders, rollers, compactors, skid steers, trucks, power screens, and crushing equipment. Our long history of performing unorthodox and complex projects has resulted in acquiring many specialized tools to complete nearly any job.