Value Engineering

At ESCO, we have earned customer satisfaction and repeat business as a result of our ability to provide our clients with solutions that meet their individual needs. Often times our clients include ESCO as a part of their design team in order to provide direction on construction methods and cost control. We have over 70 years of experience and the technology required to perform cost and risk analysis for any given project.

As a part of our earthwork strategy, we assess the site space constraints, environmental hazards, geology, import/export balance, and aesthetic value. With budget being a high priority, we look into many alternative solutions such as re-utilizing on-site resources, limiting the use of retaining walls, providing material alternates, and working towards a balanced site. Many of our projects require installing wet and dry utilities, which if poorly designed, can drive up development costs. We look at the site layout and determine whether the pipe alignment, depth, and lengths are ideal for the site.


In-Depth Site Assessments

Our working involvement with various engineers, municipalities, and metropolitan districts enables us to provide design input that meets the different standards each district requires. ESCO has a broad network of material suppliers and subcontractors that assist us in providing multiple Value Engineering options, as well as material substitutions that can bring substantial savings to a project.

We have assisted many project owners and developers with their due diligence by providing a complete site budget for their development, which assists them in their decision to move forward with construction. We also provide project owners with site-specific erosion control strategies in order to stay within local, state, and federal compliance. In the case of a violation, we represent the project owner to provide a correctional plan, take lead in correspondence, manage permits if necessary, and perform the work to achieve compliance and avoid further complications.